vineri, 9 aprilie 2010

miercuri, 7 aprilie 2010

"Natural Lightning"

"Artificial Lightning"

"Textures and Shadows"


"i remember when i walked this way"

"Another Triple Vision"

..oglindirea naturii in apa..
..looks like an oil painting, but it's not..the waves are for real :) ..

"Different Ways to See - Triple Visions"

"Spring Old Branches"

..pasii prin iarba uscata de pe malul Putnei imi spunea ca e inceput de primavara..
..ochii insa se pierdeau in uscaciunea dezolanta a paduricii arse parca de nisip si de solitudine..

"Through the Looking Glass"

"Overdose of Nature"

"We're One, But We're Not The Same"

"Falling Down And Melting.."

"The Stairs of Rocks"

"Sometimes we fight, because we don't really know what to tell to other people."